WRX STI Struts

Feal Suspension Fixed Perch Struts, $1099

We are extremely excited to offer a high performance Subaru STI strut replacement. These struts are a direct replacement for your 2005-07 (5x114), and 2004 (5x100) Subaru Impreza WRX STI.

By utilizing our damper technology from the Feal 441, 442, 443, and 460 systems, we offer you a truly impressive strut. Our number one priority was to create a strut that rides much better than the OEM 2004-07 STI struts. The Feal FPS kit will not only improve ride quality, but it will also allow you to custom tailor the firmness via a damper adjuster knob.

The Feal Fixed Perch Struts are better than OEM struts in many ways:
- Better ride quality
- Better performance
- 30 clicks of damping adjustability
- Rear camber adjustability
- Less friction and stiction
- 100% rebuildable
- 1" lift option available ($200 extra)

- Compatible with OEM and aftermarket springs (170-340lbs/inch rates)

- 2 stage surface finish for exceptional weather resistance (EDP plus high gloss Powder coating)
- 1 year warranty


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Feal FPS pre production

Feal FPS installation important info

Highly recommended add on to your Feal FPS struts: Rear Extended Damping adjusters 

Strut Rebuild Service, $700

We also offer a Revalve Service for your OEM 2004 - 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX STI struts

We do recommend our Feal Fixed Perch Struts over the Revalve Service because the value of the Feal FPS is much higher and you get a brand new shock. But for those looking to save a buck, the Revalve Service is available. The Feal Revalve Service improves the ride quality and performance of your OEM STI struts.

Revalve Service includes:

  •    Cleaning and re greasing strut housings (eliminates strut clunk)
  •    Polishing out nicks and glazed spots from insert surface (long term reduction of strut clunk causing friction)
  •    Revalving inserts (improves ride quality over stock)
  •    High performance motocross grade shock fluid and nitrogen recharge (less change in ride comfort in cold weather)
  •    *Installation of Zerk fittings ($20 extra)*
  •    7 business day turnaround time

What the heck are Zerk fittings for?

We strategically place this fitting between the strut's bushings. This now allows you to add fresh grease to your struts without removing them from your car! When grease is worked away from the strut bushings, the strut begins to clunk. By applying more grease via a Zerk fitting, you create grease pressure between the bushing and fill the dry spots.

How to ship us your struts for the Revalve Service:

When sending your struts, please print Driver Information Sheet and send in with the struts.

Save money on shipping by not sending us your springs or top hats. Use a shipping courier of your choice. We will return the struts via UPS in our own packaging for a flat rate of $40.

We will finish the work in about 7 business days and ship them back to you. You can prepay using the Store, or simply send us your contact info and we will call you for your billing and shipping details.