Chevrolet Corvette C5 C6 Rear Halfshaft Kit

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C5/C6 Corvette
Chevrolet Corvette C5 C6 Rear Halfshaft Kit

This 1500Hp rated Wisefab Dynamic Halfshaft Kit can be used only in combination with 30-spline Corvette wheel hubs and Winters diff.

We, at Wisefab, always strive to engineer the best products that allow drivers to push their limits on the track. Behind our unique designs are countless hours of research, problem-solving, and meticulous development. Wisefab Dynamic Halfshaft Axles can hold 1500hp and offer outstanding reliability. We designed the axle shaft strength to be just a little below the strength of differential output shafts. Our axles use CV joints with low wear and high strength. As expensive drivetrain components become common place in most rally, drift, and race cars, it is important to create a system between them that helps with their longevity. The key is superior shaft material that not only has high-yield strength, but can also survive deformations or twists. In the case when some part in a drivetrain has to give, Wisefab shafts will take the abuse. Our shafts will flex to absorb the excess of critical torque. In these situations, Wisefab shafts can twist to at least 90 degrees, often times reaching 180 degrees or even 360 degrees without failure, allowing you to finish your race in one piece. Keep in mind that any twisting won’t happen until the torque limit has been reached. If your shafts do twist more than 90 degrees, it is recommended to replace the shaft.