Feal Fixed Perch Struts, 04 Subaru WRX STI

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Feal Fixed Perch Struts, 04 Subaru WRX STI

We are extremely excited to offer a high performance Subaru STI strut replacement. These struts are a direct replacement for your 2004 STI.

By utilizing our damper technology from the Feal 441 line in conjunction with the knowledge we acquired while developing our first generation GD Fixed Perch Struts, we have created a direct OE replacement strut that truly performs. The Fixed Perch Struts offer damping adjustability that will allow the ride feel to be dialed in both softer and firmer than the OE struts. This means a nice soft ride for comfort or a firm ride for spirited driving and anything in between.

The Feal Fixed Perch Struts are better than OEM struts in many ways:

- Better ride quality
- Better performance
- 30 clicks of damping adjustability
- Rear camber adjustability (for MacPherson applications)
- Less friction and stiction
- 100% rebuildable
- Compatible with any OEM and aftermarket springs currently available
- 2 stage surface finish for exceptional weather resistance (EDP plus high gloss Powder coating)
- 1 year warranty