Geomaster 3 Front Knuckles

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Geomaster 3 Front Knuckles

Geomaster 3 Front: Improvements in steering lock, drop and kinematics over the already fantastic Geomaster 2.
Provisions for ABS sensors & we've tested to the absolute limits of what is achievable while retaining a front anti roll bar. 
The front also now have a track / grip setting with an entirely separate lower arm and tie rod mount. This provides all of the roll centre benefits found in the drift setting. While providing just a slight increase in steering speed over standard knuckles, and ackerman settings for grip driving.  S13 chassis will require S14/S15 front hubs.

The new coating: We have chosen a zinc + polyurethane process, offering impressive durability, and vast improvements in corrosion resistance.

Please note: 

These are a racing part, and as such are not suitable for road use. 
The fronts require the top of the coilover moving forward to reduce castor because the tension rod must be shortened. This can be done by rotating a normal camber adjustable top mount by 120* (no drilling or modification required)