Nissan S14/S15 Pro Long Stroke + Wisefab Combo

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240sx, S14
Nissan S14/S15 Pro Long Stroke + Wisefab Combo

The winning combo in drifting with two consecutive Formula Drift Pro 1 overall championships and a Drift Masters overall championship. The all new Wisefab V2 kit is designed to work wonders when paired with the Feal 441 kit. The new Wisefab kit allows for more suspension travel and articulation and the Feal 441 coilover kit maximizes this feature. This combo packs more shock stroke than most kits on the market, drift specific shock settings and kinematics derived from years of top level experience from drivers all over the world.

 Combo includes:

441 Pro Long Stroke coilover kit 

 This kit will allow you to blast through rough patches on tracks faster than the competition.

Longer stroke cartridges with front helper springs allows for huge articulation, droop, and squat, resulting in more traction and control gain. Horsepower, grip, and speeds are continually increasing, but race tracks are not getting smoother, longer stroke shocks are needed to keep you planted without lifting off throttle.

You must use front and rear drop knuckles such as Wisefab, Drfitworks, ... to fit the Pro Long Stroke Drift spec 441 kit (car will not lower enough without). Some suspension modifications may be required to utilize the full droop. All Feal 442 and 443 kits by default come with Long Stroke specs.

Damping adjustability adjusts Rebound and Compression in one knob. Very easy to tune vehicle firmness, dive, and roll. 

Wisefab V2 Lock Kit -

  • lock kit with steering rack relocation hardware. Requires OEM front subframe cutting and welding. It moves rack 46mm forward for better Ackemann curve and a bit lower for oilpan clearance. It works all big drift series rules that require OEM subframe usage, but allow modifications for rack relocation.
  • lock kit with 30mm rack offset spacers. This is an option if front subframe cutting and welding is not possible

More usable steering lock, feel and precise handling especially with rack relocation.

Less sensitive steering. Increased steering ratio for smoother handling.

More suspension travel – less interference risk at full droop. Long stroke coilover kits can be used.

Lighter and stronger. Optimized design in combination with high strength steel is used.

60mm drop for roll centre correction.

Adjustable camber and caster with adjustable doubleplates.

Adjustable lock stopper.

Adjustable Ackermann washers included in the kit.

Other components, packaging and clearance.
This kit assumes coilovers to have enough clearance. 
Dependent on rim width and ET, wider fenders or fender flares would be needed. 
With tire diameter up to 635mm (215/45R17, 225/45R17, 235/40R17, 225/40R18 etc) and lowered ride height the inner wheel wells need to be slightly modified. 

Recommended backspacing is 135-140mm (7“ ET45; 8“ ET35; 9“ ET25). If ET is smaller, then wheels stay more outwards, if ET is bigger, then spacers need to be used.

Wisefab Rear Suspension Kit -

  • Revised kinematics, not just dropped knuckle.
    If maximum grip is the keyword and combination of good roll centre position, camber gain, antisquat and bumpsteer are required, then dropped knuckle is not good enough. That is the reason why we totally revised the kinematics.
  • Light weight and strong.
    More than 10kg of weight reduction over original components and still maintaining required strength and stiffness.
  • CrMo³ rod ends and sphericals.
  • Bump steer adjustment.
    Possibility to adjust bump steer by changing rod end location in a slot.

 Kit includes:

  • Pre-set suspension links.
  • Knuckles with hardware.
  • Installation guide.

Other components.

  • Hub to hub length (track) is the same as original, as this is defined by halfshaft lengths.
  • This kit assumes coilovers to adjust ride height.
  • Minimum rim size is 17“