Feal Coilovers, 97-05 Porsche 996 (2WD)

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441 & 441+ options usually ship within 5 business days. All other customizations usually ship within 4 weeks.
Feal Coilovers, 97-05 Porsche 996 (2WD)

We developed this coilover kit on our very own 996. The goal was to decrease unnecessary chassis movement during acceleration, braking, and turn in while maintaining good driving comfort. With OEM suspension, the front of the 996 felt loose and vague. It was also difficult to predict when the rear would start to oversteer. This didn't provide the driver with much confidence on spirited drives. 

Our Feal 441 coilover kit re-tunes the handling to make driving your 996 much more enjoyable. The standard 6k front and 12k rear spring rates yield the perfect balance of comfort and performance.  You can custom adjust shock firmness via external damping adjustment knob to your preference. About 1-1.5" drop can be achieved with this kit. 

Your coilover kit can be built into several configurations, please take a look at the table below to help you select the option that's best for you. Feal coilover kits can be rebuilt and upgraded at our USA facility.  

There are many online reviews for this particular kit, this one highlights a lot of questions: https://rennlist.com/forums/996-forum/1174429-feal-coilovers-or-4.html


Default spring rates:

441/441+: 6k/12k


Each shock is designed with expertise from our success in many top-level international motorsports and through years of experience tuning various shock brands. We at Feal Suspension strongly believe that our coilovers have an edge on shock design that gives you confidence and a competitive advantage where needed most.

441 - Damping adjustability that adjusts Rebound and Compression in one knob. Very easy to tune vehicle firmness, dive, and roll. 

441.5 1 Way Adjustable fronts, 2 way adjustable rears with remote reservoirs. The 441.5 kit is a great “bang-for-the-buck” solution for Drifting and Drag Racing. Fine tune traction at every track by adjusting the rear compression force. Also, the rear shock’s 442 remote reservoir has tons of compression force adjustably! Dial forward bite, side bite, squat, and bottoming resistance for any track condition. Over the years we have built many of these requested custom kits for budget driven teams. Many podiums later, we created a part number so you too can have this kit. 

442 2 Way Adjustable fronts and rears with remote reservoirs. Separate damping adjustability for Rebound and Compression. Rebound adjustability does not change compression force so that you can fine tune the roll and rate of weight transfer. The huge range of compression adjustability is independent of rebound force. The compression adjustability will allow you to adjust for more or less traction and more or less suspension movement on the compression stroke. 

443 3 Way Adjustable fronts and rears with remote reservoirs. All of the above plus separate damping adjustability for High Speed Compression, Low Speed Compression, and Rebound. Low speed compression damping adjustability allows you to fine tune chassis movement on the compression stroke over round bumps and/or throttle and braking inputs. High speed compression adjustability allows you to fine tune bottoming resistance and wheel movement on the compression stroke over rumble strips and square edge bumps. 

Please Note:
For 441.5442 and 443 applications the following line lengths -

Macpherson: 10" line, reservoir to be mounted to coilover

Multi-Link: 24" line, reservoir to be mounted remotely

Longer line lengths are available on request for a $30 per corner fee in most applications

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