Private Suspension Clinic with Odi Bakchis

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Private Suspension Clinic with Odi Bakchis
Want the next level in-person suspension setup experience? Schedule a private clinic with Pro Driver Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis to dial in your Feal Suspension coilovers at a local soCal track
Consultation includes:
  • Full track day.
  • One-on-one experience to ask in-depth suspension questions.
  • Hands-on testing of different adjuster knob settings.
  • Testing different spring rates.
  • Set proper alignment and toe.
  • Determine which settings work best for you in various conditions.
  • Take home a notebook with the specs, settings, and test notes that you and Odi determined together.  
About Odi:
  • Founder of Feal Suspension
  • 20 years of suspension tuning experience
  • Professional Formula Drift driver since 2011
  • 3rd overall in Formula Drift Pro1 series, 2017, 2019
  • Multiple-time Formula Drift Pro 1 event winner (including iconic tracks such as Road Atlanta)
  • Multiple Formula Drift Pro 1 podiums
  • Podium finishes in Japan, Lithuania, and Russia
  *Feal Suspension will contact you regarding the requested date.
  *Car owner is responsible for purchasing any required track memberships and safety gear.