SN95 Drift and Race Camber Caster Plates

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SN95 Drift and Race Camber Caster Plates

What they do:

  • Provide dual settings, Drift or Race
  • Reduce caster and offer ultra wide camber adjustability in Drift setting
  • Increase caster and offer ultra wide camber adjustability in Race setting
  • Move coilover down and further away from known areas of contact

 How they work:

  1. Move third stud to clearly labeled “Drift” or “Race” threaded hole
  2. Set camber to your liking by moving built in easy to use camber adjustment

 Why they are the best camber caster plates for the SN95 and New Edge chassis:

  • Super easy to install and adjust
  • Higher caster decrease for drifting vs other brands
  • Higher caster increase for road racing vs other brands
  • More camber adjustability vs other brands
  • Moves coilover away from contact areas vs others decrease clearance
  • Super thick, durable, and light weight aluminum vs heavy steel construction 
  • Same mount works for drift cars as well as road race and auto x cars 
  • Top mounts stay 100% under the strut tower without cluttered hardware in the engine bay 
  • Replacement hardware and bearings available (you most likely will never need to replace them)

 Other notes:

  • Decreasing caster in “Drift” setting allows for more tire to firewall clearance at big steering angle. It also reduces “wheel flop” at big angle resulting in more consistent steering feel. 
  • Decreasing camber in “Drift” setting allows for proper alignment after installing extended lower control arms found on many angle kits. 
  • Since there is so much camber adjustability, chassis may need to be modified for clearance while utilizing the most aggressive “Drift” camber settings. 
  • Only fits Feal 441, 442, and 443 coilovers 
  • May cause sudden joy and excitement